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Our Services

At Skowhegan & Waterville Denture, our services are tailored to your dental needs and our dentures are designed with comfort, function and aesthetics in mind. You will have a secure fit that feels comfortable all day long and a smile that will brighten up your day.

We understand that dentures can be an unaccounted expense and missing work isn't always easy or convenient. At Skowhegan & Waterville Denture, we will go out of our way to accommodate you with a weekend appointment.

Full Upper & Lower Dentures - Partial Upper & Lower Dentures - Immediate Dentures

We offer a quality denture at a reasonable price and all our dentures are made with premium acrylic and teeth. There are no extra charges for adjustments.

If you don't want to go without teeth than immediate dentures are for you. You will be able to put them in the same day you get your teeth extracted.

Rebase & Relines Services

As we age our mouth can change and you may need to come in for a rebase and reline service. We will refit your dentures with new acrylic but use the teeth in your existing dentures, giving you back the perfect fit you had when your dentures were new.

Same Day Repair Services

No one wants to go without their teeth... if something happens to your dentures we offer same day repairs if possible.